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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
17MCAMPWEEK2"Amazing Race" Summer Adventure Camp Week #2Jul 10, 2017Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$429
17MCAMPWEEK1"Amazing Race" Summer Adventure Camp Week #1Jun 26, 2017Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$429
17MCAMPWEEK3"Amazing Race" Summer Adventure Camp Week #3Jul 17, 2017Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri$429
17FTT15222nd Friday Walking Tours of West Chester: North on Walnut StreetNov 10, 2017Fri$29
17FCO368BAccess 2013, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 9, 2017Thu$210
17FCO367AAccess 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 7, 2017Tue$210
17FCO367CAccess 2016, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 21, 2017Tue$210
17FFH801BAdult Swimming LessonsNov 1, 2017Wed$130
17FFH801CAdult Swimming LessonsNov 2, 2017Thu$130
17FCHECK108AAfter School Ceramics- Session 2Nov 27, 2017Mon$90
18WPT1182Agility Training and Fun Tricks for DogsJan 14, 2018Sun$199
17EXLW911AAmerican Sign Language Beginner 2Nov 6, 2017Mon$135
17EXPI006AAngel Readings: Connecting to your Divine MessengersNov 6, 2017Mon$80
18STT037Annapolis MD - Trolley and Boat ToursMay 5, 2018Sat$129
17FSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick ParkOct 28, 2017Sat$39
17FCU547Apres Ski Dinner for CouplesNov 17, 2017Fri$128
17FFH780AAqua "Kick It Up A Notch" Cross TrainingNov 5, 2017Sun$85
17FFH799DAqua AerobicsOct 30, 2017Mon$58
17FFH799EAqua AerobicsOct 31, 2017Tue$58
17FFH799GAqua AerobicsNov 1, 2017Wed$58
17FFH799FAqua AerobicsNov 2, 2017Thu$58
17FFH776CAqua Pole Fitness & Aqua Kickbox TrainingOct 30, 2017Mon$85
17FFH776DAqua Pole Fitness & Aqua Kickbox TrainingOct 31, 2017Tue$85
17FFH776EAqua Pole Fitness & Aqua Kickbox TrainingNov 1, 2017Wed$85
17FFH796DAqua Power CircuitOct 30, 2017Mon$85
17FFH796CAqua Power CircuitNov 1, 2017Wed$85
17FFH796EAqua Power CircuitNov 2, 2017Thu$85
17FFH792DAqua Spinning & ToneOct 30, 2017Mon$85
17FFH792EAqua Spinning & ToneOct 31, 2017Tue$85
17FFH792FAqua Spinning & ToneOct 31, 2017Tue$85
17FFH792GAqua Spinning & ToneNov 2, 2017Thu$85
17FCR490Art of Beekeeping(Closed)*Nov 18, 2017Sat$39
17FAM026AArt of PinstripingNov 14, 2017Tue$90
17FFH790BArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramOct 30, 2017Mon and Fri$50
17FFH790CArthritis Foundation Aquatic ProgramOct 31, 2017Tue, Wed and Thu$50
17FBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessOct 24, 2017Tue$29
17FPI1012Bach Flower Essences for Healing Health--NEW DATE!Nov 9, 2017Thu$49
17FHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionNov 1, 2017Wed$29
18MCU556Bakery Perfect Breads, Tarts and More!Jun 10, 2018Sun$42
18WPT1180Beginning Dog ObedienceJan 14, 2018Sun$145
17FPI003Better Sleep with HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI003ABetter Sleep with HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
18WPI003Better Sleep with HypnosisJan 9, 2018T$65
17FBU044Beyond the Simple WillOct 24, 2017Tue$29
17FCR492Blacksmithing for Beginners(Closed)*Nov 25, 2017Sat$85
17FCU529Braises, Bakes, and SimmersNov 6, 2017Mon$45
17FCU550British Gastro Pub for CouplesDec 15, 2017Fri$128
18STT524Bus Trip to the Culinary Institute of America - DATE CHANGEApr 30, 2018Mon$130
17MCAMPWEEK4CCNS "Amazing Race" Summer Adventure Camp Week #4Jul 24, 2017Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri 8$429
17FAM031Ceramic Glass Ornament(Closed)*Nov 7, 2017Tue$65
17FAM049Ceramic Sampler- New End Date!Oct 20, 2017Fri$185
17FTT036Christmas in New York – Sun. Dec. 3, 2017Dec 3, 2017Sun$81
17FCHECK107AClay Animals and Pets Session IINov 30, 2017Thu$85
17FAM042Clay and ChardonnayDec 15, 2017Fri$50
17FAM041Clay and Chardonnay- Date Change!(Closed)*Nov 17, 2017Tue$50
17FCHECK110BClayworks!Nov 8, 2017Wed$80
18STT031Country Living Magazine FairJun 3, 2018Sun$105
18WCR014Creative Flash PhotographyJan 2, 2018Tue$249
18WCU524Culinary Boot CampJan 9, 2018Tue$300
17FCU531Cut The Sugar!Nov 13, 2017Mon$45
18SCU570Delectable DessertsApr 15, 2018Sun$42
17FCHECK107BDrawing and Painting(Closed)*Oct 26, 2017Thu$65
17EXAM125Drawing for People Who Can't Draw A Straight LineNov 6, 2017Mon$99
18SCU578Easter TreatsMar 18, 2018Sun$42
17FFH791BEasy Spin - Just Cruisin'Oct 30, 2017Mon$85
17FFH791CEasy Spin - Just Cruisin'Nov 3, 2017Fri$85
17FPI1029Embracing CancerNov 8, 2017Wed$34
17EXPI1008Evolving Consciousness: Extension sessionNov 6, 2017Mon$89
17FCO342CExcel 2013, Level 1 at Springhouse(Closed)*Nov 1, 2017Wed$210
17FTT1530Experience the Skycastle French Hounds -- NEW!Oct 22, 2017Sun$48
17FCU581Fabulous French Creations(Closed)*Oct 29, 2017Sun$42
17FAM027Felted Home DecorNov 18, 2017Sat$65
17FCU538French Farmhouse Dinners for CouplesOct 20, 2017Fri$128
18WCU584French GoodiesFeb 18, 2018Sun$42
17EXLW905AFrench I - Extended sessionNov 6, 2017Mon$90
17EXFH701Gentle Yoga for the BeginnerNov 8, 2017Wed$55
17EXFH703Gentle Yoga with a TwistNov 9, 2017Thu$65
17FFH778AGet It Back! With Group Personal TrainingNov 2, 2017Thu$85
17FAM196Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your VoiceNov 6, 2017Mon$52
17FPI1032Getting Started at HomeschoolingNov 2, 2017Thu$29
17FGIFTGift CertificateOct 2, 2017Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun$160
17WCR404Glassblowing Decorative Ornaments- Just added!Dec 17, 2017Sun$99
18WCR400Glassblowing Drinking GlassesFeb 11, 2018Sun$99
17FCR403Glassblowing Flower VasesNov 12, 2017Sun$102
18WCR402Glassblowing Heart Shaped PaperweightsFeb 4, 2018Sun$99
17FCR494Glassblowing Holiday OrnamentsDec 10, 2017Sun$102
18WCR401Glassblowing PaperweightsJan 21, 2018Sun$99
17FCR495AGlassblowing Pumpkin WorkshopOct 22, 2017Sun$102
18WCR403Glassblowing VasesJan 7, 2018Sun$99
17EXCR010Goat Milk Soap MakingNov 14, 2017T$52
17EXCR010AGoat Milk Soap MakingDec 5, 2017T$52
18WCR010Goat Milk Soap MakingJan 10, 2018Wed$52
17FCU549Greek Favorites for CouplesDec 8, 2017Fri$128
17FTT1560Greystone Hall: Holiday House Tour(Closed)*Dec 13, 2017Wed$39
17WCU526AHands-on Cutting Board 101Jan 18, 2018Thu$70
17FCU527Hands-on Knife Skills 101Nov 2, 2017Thu$70
17FFH767Heartsaver CPR - Adult, Child, Infant - with AEDOct 25, 2017Wed$69
17FCU583Holiday Cookies, Cakes and More!Dec 10, 2017Sun$42
17FCU529AHoliday Wines & CheesesNov 12, 2017Sun$55
17FBU234How to Sell on Ebay- New DATE!Nov 6, 2017Mon$48
17FTT1512Hunterdon Hills Playhouse Matinee-A Playhouse ChristmasNov 28, 2017Tue$119
17FCO378InDesign CC, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 14, 2017Tue and Wed$415
17EXLW924Intermediate GermanNov 6, 2017Mon$80
17WCU020AIntro Culinary Boot CampJan 9, 2018T$60
17FFH795BIntro to KettlebellsNov 1, 2017Wed$85
17FFH795CIntro to KettlebellsNov 4, 2017Sat$85
18WAM130Introduction to Studio RecordingJan 15, 2018Mon$259
17FCU551Italian Soups and Breads for CouplesDec 22, 2017Fri$128
17FAM028BJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOB(Closed)*Oct 20, 2017Fri$65
17FAM028CJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBDec 1, 2017Fri$65
17FAM028DJewelry Workshop Series- FRIDAY NIGHTS/BYOBDec 8, 2017Fri$65
17FFH794AKettlebells with Lester JilesNov 2, 2017Thu$85
17FCHECK110AKinder Clayworks!Nov 6, 2017Mon$80
18WDA685Line Dancing Level 1Jan 3, 2018Wed$64
17FPI1028Live Like You Are DyingOct 25, 2017Wed$34
17FPI002Lose Weight With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI002ALose Weight With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
18WPI002Lose Weight With HypnosisJan 9, 2018T$65
17FCU547AMad For Moroccan For CouplesNov 18, 2017Sat$128
17FPI1030Manly Mistakes Men Make on Match.comNov 1, 2017Wed$34
17FBU202AMedicare101Oct 16, 2017Mon$29
17FBU202Medicare101Nov 2, 2017Thu$29
17FAM028Metal Jewelry(Closed)*Oct 19, 2017Thu$125
18WCR488More Wonderful Winter Birding At Your Backyard FeedersJan 9, 2018Tue$39
17FCU545New England Favorites for Couples(Closed)*Nov 3, 2017Fri$128
17FTT034New York City - Lower Manhattan - Sat, Nov. 4, 2017Nov 4, 2017Sat$82
17FCU582Ooh La La - French Treats!Nov 12, 2017Sun$42
17FCR401Paperweight WorkshopNov 26, 2017Sun$102
17FFH798BParent & Tot Swimming LessonsOct 31, 2017Tue$96
17FFH798CParent & Tot Swimming LessonsNov 2, 2017Thu$96
17FCHECK108BParent/Child CeramicsNov 6, 2017Mon$75
18SCU586Paris Spring TreatsMay 20, 2018Sun$42
17FCU560Philly Pizza TourOct 21, 2017Sat$44
17FCO357APhotoshop CC, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 6, 2017Mon and Tue$415
17EXFH727Pilates FusionNov 28, 2017Tue$30
17FCU546Pizza, Pizza and More Pizza for CouplesNov 10, 2017Fri$128
17FCO354PowerPoint 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseOct 24, 2017Tue$210
18WCU569Puff the Magic PastryJan 14, 2018Sun$42
18WPT1181Puppy KindergartenJan 14, 2018Sun$145
17FCO370AQuickbooks Pro, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 16, 2017Thu$210
17FCO373AQuickbooks Pro, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 17, 2017Fri$210
17EXLW934ARussian IINov 6, 2017Mon$60
17EXLW934Russian for BeginnersNov 6, 2017Mon$60
17FBU232ASelling Your Home In Today's MarketOct 30, 2017Mon$29
17FCU548Sorry Charlie - In The Pan for Couples(Closed)*Dec 1, 2017Fri$128
17FCU546ASouthern Holiday Gathering(Closed)*Nov 11, 2017Sat$64
17FPI001Stop Smoking With HypnosisOct 23, 2017Mon$65
17FPI001AStop Smoking With HypnosisNov 6, 2017Mon$65
18WPI001AStop Smoking With HypnosisJan 9, 2018Tue$65
17EXFH710Tai Chi For LifeNov 28, 2017Tue$42
17FCU526BTour The Italian MarketNov 4, 2017Sat$50
17FSC1275Tour of Two Historic Houses and Lunch: John Chads, Barns-Brinton, Mushrooms CafeNov 7, 2017Tue$39
17FCU549ATraditional Italian CookiesDec 9, 2017Sat$64
17FTT1565Travel Tips to Europe for NewbiesOct 24, 2017Tue$29
17FCU544Under The Tuscan Sun for Couples(Closed)*Oct 27, 2017Fri$128
17FCU528Vegetable Forward- Hottest Craze!Oct 23, 2017Mon$45
18WAM131Voice Overs in the StudioJan 16, 2018T$235
17FAM131AVoice Overs in the Studio-Just added!(Closed)*Oct 17, 2017Tue$239
17FFH777DWater Walking – Jump Start Your Day!Oct 30, 2017Mon$58
17FFH777GWater Walking – Jump Start Your Day!Oct 30, 2017Mon$58
17FFH777EWater Walking – Jump Start Your Day!Nov 1, 2017Wed$58
17FFH777FWater Walking – Jump Start Your Day!Nov 3, 2017Fri$58
17FBU225BWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Nov 9, 2017Thu$10
17FBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?- NEW DATE!Oct 24, 2017Tue$10
17WCU525Wine Pairing Dinner- Tour de ChinaJan 12, 2018Fri$115
17EXFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiNov 6, 2017Mon$49
17FCO333CWord 2013, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 14, 2017Tue$210
17FCO334BWord 2013, Level 2 at SpringhouseNov 30, 2017Thu$210
17FCO333EWord 2016, Level 1 at SpringhouseNov 28, 2017Tue$210
17FCR014AWow! Amazing Beauty in Abandoned and DecayingOct 28, 2017Sat$67
17FCR019AWow! Fantastic Fire SpinningNov 7, 2017Tue$44
17FCR018AWow! Picture Perfect Postcards @LongwoodNov 28, 2017T$47
17EXFH008Yoga for All Levels with Dr. RameshNov 13, 2017Mon$38
18WFH008Yoga for Beginners with Dr. RameshJan 8, 2018Mon$48
18WFH010Yoga, Intermediate with Dr. RameshJan 8, 2018Mon$48

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