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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FSC1276"Escape Brandywine" Historical Escape Room and LunchSep 20, 2018Thu$51
18FSP1302AAdult Horseback Riding - Private All Levels(Closed)*Sep 18, 2018Tue$172
18FSP1302CAdult Horseback Riding - Private All Levels(Closed)*Sep 18, 2018Tue$172
18FSP1302BAdult Horseback Riding - Private All LevelsSep 20, 2018Thu$172
18FSP1302DAdult Horseback Riding - Private All LevelsSep 21, 2018Fri$172
18FSP1302EAdult Horseback Riding - Private All LevelsSep 21, 2018Fri$172
18FFH046AAerial YogalatesSep 14, 2018Fri$95
18FFH004An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of CureSep 26, 2018Wed$29
18FSP1380Archery FundamentalsAug 26, 2018Sun, Mon and Thu$99
18FSP1380AArchery FundamentalsSep 16, 2018Sun, Mon and Thu$99
18FSP1380BArchery FundamentalsOct 14, 2018Sun, Mon and Thu$99
18FFH015Brain Fit! - Improve Your MemorySep 17, 2018Mon$39
18FFH038ACardio Pilates on the ReformerSep 26, 2018Wed$85
18FLW001Centered Writing - Mindful MemoirsSep 25, 2018Tue$89
18FFH704Chair Yoga: Strengthen & Stretch-NEW!Sep 17, 2018Mon$69
18FCU017Cheese Making for Beginners(Closed)*Sep 21, 2018Fri$64
18FAM121AConceptual ArtSep 17, 2018Mon$149
18FTT1590Costa Rica and The Panama CanalFeb 8, 20199 Days$4995
18FTT1591Cruise to GreeceMay 11, 20199 Days$2699
18FPI1001Dealing with DementiaSep 26, 2018Wed$29
18FLW905Dialogue for Improved RelationshipsSep 10, 2018Mon$0
18FAM049Drawing and DraftsSep 14, 2018Fri$45
18FHG801AEnjoy Your Organized HomeOct 1, 2018Mon$29
18FSC1099Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaOct 16, 2018Tue$29
18FTT1560Greystone Hall: Halloween House TourOct 28, 2018Sun$40
18FTT037Grounds For SculptureMay 4, 2019Satt$88
18FTT1525Historic Tour by 15 Passenger BikeSep 30, 2018Sun$29
18FSC1204AHollywood Movies Vs. RealitySep 20, 2018Thu$74
18FPI1400How to Make a Great First Impression NEW!Sep 17, 2018Mon$29
18FSC900AHunters of the SkySep 19, 2018Wed$34
18FSC1209Hunters of the SkySep 24, 2018Mon$34
18FPI1401Hygge Your Way To Happiness-NEW!Sep 20, 2018TH$59
18FLW908Introduction to Bookbinding NEWSep 17, 2018Mon$62
18FSC1203Islam: Getting To Know Your NeighborSep 18, 2018Tue$69
18FSP1376Marine Electrical SystemsSep 18, 2018Tue$99
18FFH002Natural Approaches to Hormonal BalanceOct 11, 2018Thu$29
18FPI003Nutrition for Developing Your IntuitionSep 17, 2018Mon$89
18FFH070APilates Reformer for the Blind or Visually ImpairedSep 25, 2018Tue$85
18FFH008APilates for those with MS or ParkinsonsSep 10, 2018Mon$85
18FFH052APlus Size Over 40Sep 12, 2018Wed$85
18FFH052Plus Size Over 40Sep 18, 2018Tue$85
18FLW003Public Speaking for EverybodyOct 3, 2018Wed$49
18FDA638Red Hot DanceSep 18, 2018Tue$69
18FFH001Senior Adult Personal TrainingSep 10, 2018Mon$200
18FPT1183Smiling Dogs Happy Humans: The Making of a Therapy DogOct 30, 2018Tue$29
18FFH037Sports Conditioning With Pilates ReformerSep 17, 2018Mon$85
18FAM001Stage Combat: Swashbuckling!Sep 17, 2018Mon$99
18FFH036Taekwondo: An Introduction to Martial ArtsSep 20, 2018Thu$59
18FHG801Understanding Chronic DisorganizationSep 24, 2018Mon$29
18FCU554Unique Eats and Eateries of Philly (Aboard the Moshulu)Nov 4, 2018Sun$59
18FBU207DWealth Creation TodaySep 27, 2018Thu$49
18FTT035Whiskey Tasting/Tour - Just Added!Oct 14, 2018Sun$49
18FAM051Women's 4-Part Acapella SingingSep 18, 2018Tue$15

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