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Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
23FCR403HWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyOct 12, 2023Thu$244
23FCR403GWOW! Photography Boot Camp II/The Art of Seeing CreativelyOct 12, 2023Thu$244
23FBU0412023 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopSep 19, 2023Tue$29
23FBU0422023 Income & Estate Tax Survival WorkshopSep 26, 2023Tue$29
23FHG510ABC's of Car CareOct 8, 2023Sun$29
23FFH767AHA Heartsaver CPR Course(Closed)*Sep 27, 2023Wed$69
23FFH767AAHA Heartsaver CPR Course(Closed)*Oct 12, 2023Thu$69
23FAM100Adult Level 1 Group Piano(Closed)*Oct 5, 2023Thu$195
23FAM100AAdult Level 1 Group Piano(Closed)*Oct 5, 2023Thu$195
24WAM100DAdult Level 2 Group PianoJan 4, 2024Thu$195
23FSP1373America's Boating CourseSep 19, 2023Tue$40
23FLW911American Sign Language Beginner 1Sep 21, 2023Thu$168
23FCU593An Evening of Cabernet Sauvignon(Closed)*Oct 24, 2023Tue$39
23FSP002Appalachian Trail Day Hike-Meet at Warwick Park (lower lot)Oct 28, 2023Satt$50
23FCO302Apple Personal Computer Basics!Nov 2, 2023Thu$39
23FLW913Arabic for Beginners Conversational 1Sep 19, 2023Tue$137
23FBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessOct 24, 2023Tue$29
23FFH739Awakening Your ChakrasSep 26, 2023Tuees$29
23FHG833Backyard Chickens Egg ProductionOct 4, 2023Wed$39
23FSP1341Basketball for MenSep 20, 2023Wed$138
23FFH781ABeginner Barre and PilatesOct 18, 2023Wed$90
24WFH781Beginner Barre and PilatesNov 29, 2023Wed$90
23FCR419Beginner Beaded Jewelry(Closed)*Oct 17, 2023Tuees$19
23FFH719Beginner Tai Chi with QigongSep 21, 2023Thu$92
23FSP1335ABetter Pickleball: "Master The Dink, Lob and Serve"(Closed)*Oct 12, 2023Thu$76
23FSP1336Better Pickleball: Strategies of Play(Closed)*Oct 19, 2023Thu$76
23FCU594Bubblies: Wines That SparkleNov 28, 2023Tue$39
24WCU520Cast Iron CookingJan 9, 2024Tuee$45
24WCU518Classic & Contemporary SaucesJan 23, 2024Tuee$50
23FSP006Complete Long Game/WoodsOct 14, 2023Sat$46
23FLW924Conversational GermanSep 21, 2023Thu$105
23FDA030Country Line DancingSep 19, 2023Tue$89
23FSP002ACoventry Woods HikeOct 14, 2023Sat$29
23FHG830Create Your Enchanted Cottage GardenOct 4, 2023Wed$52
23FCR477Create a Spectacular Centerpiece for the HolidaysNov 1, 2023Wed$39
23FCR471Crochet, Beginning(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$84
23FCR471ACrochet, BeginningSep 30, 2023Sat$84
23FCR404ACulinary Clicks: Savory Secrets of Food PhotographyOct 9, 2023Mon$199
23FFH702Design Your Brilliant Life & CareerOct 3, 2023Tue$36
23FSC1205Discover Ancient Egypt (Zoom)Sep 20, 2023Wed$69
23FAM113Doodling & DrawingSep 19, 2023Tue$69
23FSP1383BEmergencies on BoardOct 19, 2023Thu$20
23FTT1530Experience the Skycastle French Hounds -- NEW!Oct 22, 2023Sun$48
23FPT1180Fantastic FIDO - new start time!(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$145
23FLW907French BeginnerSep 21, 2023TH$137
23FCU505Game Changing Meal Prep- NEW!Oct 17, 2023Tuee$64
23FSP007BGetting In The Swing Of It: Co-Ed Golf Instruction(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$215
23FAM173Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice - New locationNov 14, 2023Tue$52
23FAM174Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice- ONLINE!Oct 18, 2023Wed$42
24WAM174Getting Paid to Talk: Making Money with Your Voice- ONLINE!Jan 11, 2024Thu$42
23FSC1201Ghosts, Legends, and Lore!(Closed)*Oct 24, 2023Tue$29
23FGIFTSGift Certificates*ba 0, 0
23FCR423Glassblowing Holiday Ornament- time change from catalog(Closed)*Nov 11, 2023Sat$139
23FAM142Guitar for Beginners - new start date!Sep 27, 2023Wed$115
23FCU512Hands-On Knife SkillsNov 2, 2023Thu$70
23FCU513Hands-On Knife SkillsNov 30, 2023Thu$70
24WCU514Hands-On Knife SkillsJan 11, 2024Thu$70
23FCU515Hands-on DumplingsSep 28, 2023Thu$70
23FCU516Hands-on DumplingsOct 12, 2023Thu$70
24WCU517Hands-on DumplingsJan 18, 2024Thu$70
23FCU511Hands-on Knife SkillsOct 5, 2023Thu$70
23FHG838Help and Hope For Hoarders and Those Who Love and Live With ThemOct 12, 2023Thu$29
23FCU584Highlights of East Passyunk - City Food TourSep 30, 2023Sat$72
23FTT1600Historic Lincoln Building Tour & Wine Tasting - NEW!Oct 12, 2023TH$34
23FBU232AHow to Buy a Home In Today's Competitive MarketOct 5, 2023Thu$36
23FAM194Improv Why Not?(Closed)*Sep 20, 2023Wed$126
23FCU555Indian Entrees and accompaniments - NEW!(Closed)*Nov 11, 2023Sat$64
23FDA604Intro to Ballroom and Latin Dance - Session BOct 31, 2023Tue$120
23FFH768AIntroduction to AikidoOct 23, 2023Mon and Wed$59
23FBU224Investment Basics & Asset AllocationOct 17, 2023Tue$29
23FLW903Italian 1 for Travelers(Closed)*Sep 19, 2023Tue$137
23FCU501Italian Kitchen - NEW!Sep 21, 2023Thu$73
23FLW903AItalian for Travelers Level 2Sep 20, 2023Wed$137
23FDA020Jitterbug DancingSep 19, 2023Tue$89
24WHG803Kitchen Design SeminarJan 20, 2024Sat$70
23FCR425Knitting for AllSep 20, 2023Wed$154
23FCU503Korean Kitchen - NEW!Oct 3, 2023Tuee$73
23FDA600Line Dancing Level 1(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$105
23FSP1382AMarine NavigationSep 20, 2023Wed$40
23FSP1383AMarine RadioOct 5, 2023Thu$20
23FCU518Meals in MinutesOct 3, 2023Tue$45
23FBU201Medicare101Sep 21, 2023Thu$36
23FBU203Medicare101Sep 26, 2023Tue$36
23FBU202Medicare101Oct 11, 2023Wed$36
23FBU204Medicare101Oct 26, 2023Thu$36
23FBU205Medicare101Nov 1, 2023Wed$36
23FCU502Mediterranean Kitchen - NEW!Sep 26, 2023Tuee$73
23FSC1212Meet Col. RooseveltSep 21, 2023TH$89
23FCR420Metal Clay Jewelry- NEW!Sep 27, 2023Wed$59
23FCU556Middle Eastern Delights - NEW!Dec 9, 2023Sat$64
23FSC1202Military Technology (1588-1945)Sep 21, 2023Thu$69
23FFH740DMindful MeditationOct 3, 2023Tue$29
23FAM112Mommy and Me Workshop - NEW!Sep 28, 2023TH$60
23FCR475Needle Felting: Holiday GnomesDec 2, 2023Satt$68
23FCR475ANeedle Felting: Holiday Gnomes- Just added!Nov 19, 2023Sun$68
23FCR474ANeedle Felting: Ornamental Songbirds(Closed)*Nov 12, 2023Sun$68
23FAM144New! Banjo (5 String) BeginningSep 19, 2023Tue$115
23FFH703Now What – Creating the Life U WantOct 4, 2023Wed$19
23FAM114Oil Painting- Simplified!Sep 21, 2023Thu$200
23FHG837Organizing Challenges For Families with Young ChildrenOct 26, 2023Thu$29
23FCU599PA Distillery Tasting and Tour - NEW!Oct 28, 2023Sat$39
23FSP1339Pickleball : Play With A Pro(Closed)*Oct 26, 2023Thu$69
23FSP1339APickleball : Play With A Pro - NEW DATE!!(Closed)*Nov 2, 2023Thu$69
23FSP1335Pickleball Beginner(Closed)*Oct 5, 2023Thu$76
23FSP1334Pickleball, Beginne(Closed)*Sep 28, 2023Thu$76
23FSP1333Pickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$76
23FSP1331APickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Sep 25, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1331BPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Oct 9, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1331CPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Oct 23, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1331DPickleball, BeginnerNov 6, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1331EPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Nov 20, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1331FPickleball, Beginner(Closed)*Dec 4, 2023Mon$76
23FSP1332Pickleball, Beginner - new date/ time make up class(Closed)*Sep 21, 2023Thu$76
23FAM112APlein Air Painting WorkshopOct 3, 2023Tue$140
23FCR421Prayer BeadsOct 10, 2023Tuees$19
23FTT1599Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show with DinnerDec 4, 2023Mon$299
23FSC1208Raptors! Let's Learn Series - Hawks Up Close Pt. 1Oct 5, 2023Thu$19
23FSC1208ARaptors! Let's Learn Series - Owls Up Close Pt. 2Oct 19, 2023Thu$19
23FSC1208BRaptors! Let's Learn Series - Scavengers! Pt. 3Nov 2, 2023Thu$19
23FFH701Rethink Your Life and Career Using Human DesignOct 17, 2023Tue$36
23FSP1372Rowing on the Schuylkill River for Beginners- new start date(Closed)*Sep 17, 2023Sun$180
23FSP1383Rules of the RoadSep 21, 2023Thu$20
23FLW934Russian I - Conversational- ONLINESep 19, 2023Tue$89
23FCO301Scanning Photo Memories and Documents(Closed)*Oct 19, 2023Thu$59
23FFH729ASculpt and Tone with Mo!(Closed)*Sep 19, 2023Tue$98
23FAM110Sculpture For Beginners- NEW!Oct 2, 2023Monon 12$160
23FBU232BSelling Your Home In Today's MarketOct 24, 2023Tue$32
23FCU520Sensational Street TacosNov 9, 2023Thu$45
23FCU504Sheet Pan Dinners- NEW!Oct 10, 2023Tuee$73
23FSP005Short Game Clinic - Co-EdSep 30, 2023Sat$46
23FTT1594Some Like It Hot on Broadway with Dinner - NEW DATE!Nov 8, 2023Wed$299
23FLW901Spanish 1Sep 20, 2023Wed$105
23FLW988Spanish For Professionals: Medical Spanish- Now 2 x a week!Sep 12, 2023Tue and Thu$99
23FCR406BSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyNov 9, 2023Thu$99
23FCR406CSpectacular Smart Phone PhotographyNov 9, 2023Thu$99
23FCR403AStunning Digital Black and White PhotographyDec 6, 2023Wed$149
23FCR430The Art of the Pen: CalligraphySep 20, 2023Wed$136
23FTT1597The Neil Diamond Musical - A Beautiful Noise on BroadwayOct 11, 2023Wed$302
23FTT1598The Neil Diamond Musical - A Beautiful Noise on Broadway(Closed)*Nov 4, 2023Sat$302
23FAM106The Secrets of Discovering Collectible Art in Antique Markets- Pt 1 new dateOct 12, 2023Thu$29
23FAM107The Secrets of Discovering Collectible Art in Antique Markets- Pt 2Oct 19, 2023Thu$29
23FCU589Tour of Reading Terminal MarketDec 16, 2023Satt$35
23FSP1384US Coast Guard Recreational Boating EssentialsSep 21, 2023Thu$40
23FHG836Unstufficate Your Storage Spaces, Attics, Basements and Garages!Oct 5, 2023Thu$29
23FCR402WOW! Fantastic Fire-Spinning and More Surprises!Oct 8, 2023Sunn$69
23FCR400AWOW! Philadelphia City Skyline Night Shoot!Oct 21, 2023Satt 5$47
23FCR400WOW! Sunset at Marsh Creek State ParkSep 29, 2023Friri$15
23FCR409AWOW! - The Magnificent World of Macro PhotographyNov 19, 2023Sun$169
23FCR410WOW! Christmas at Longwood GardensNov 20, 2023Mon$46
23FCR014CWOW! Introduction To Flash PhotographyNov 8, 2023Wed$194
23FCR014EWOW! – PA State Capitol at Sunset!Nov 4, 2023Satt$47
23FSP1383CWeather For BoatersNov 2, 2023Thu$20
24WAM105Welding Art 101(Closed)*Jan 6, 2024Sat$350
24WAM105AWelding Art 101- Just added!(Closed)*Feb 3, 2024Sat$350
24WAM105BWelding Art 101- Just added!(Closed)*Mar 2, 2024Sat$350
23FBU225EWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Sep 28, 2023Thu$10
23FBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 17, 2023Tue$10
23FBU225AWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 25, 2023Wed$10
23FCO303Windows Personal Computer Basics!Nov 9, 2023Thu$39
23FCU595Wines for Entertaining and Gift Giving for the HolidaysDec 12, 2023Tue$39
23FFH769Wing Chun Tai ChiSep 19, 2023Tue$112
23FTT1565Winterthur Yuletide TourDec 12, 2023Tue$45
23FHG831Wonderful Winter Birding at Your Backyard FeedersOct 19, 2023Thu$64
23FAM109World Class Painting and DrawingSep 19, 2023Tue$229
23FCR401Wow! 30th Street Station/River Walk Night Shoot!Oct 28, 2023Satt 5$47
23FCR016Wow! Autumn at Ricketts Glen State Park!Oct 14, 2023Satt$69
23FCR411Wow! Christmas at Longwood GardensNov 27, 2023Mon$46
23FCR407Wow! HDR PhotographyNov 6, 2023Monon 6$149
23FCR418AWow! Light Painting & Sculpting with Light!Oct 31, 2023Tuees$199
23FCR403BWow! Philadelphia City Hall & Broad Street at NightNov 11, 2023Satt$47
23FFH785AYoga Stretch BeginnerOct 19, 2023Thu$90
24WFH784Yoga Stretch BeginnerNov 28, 2023Tue$90
24WFH785Yoga Stretch BeginnerDec 7, 2023Thu$90
23FFH700Yoga for BeginnersSep 20, 2023Wed$89
23FHG824Your Best Flower/Vegetable Garden EverSep 20, 2023Wed$126
23FAM111Zentangle Basics - NEW!Sep 30, 2023Satt$60
23FAM111AZentangle Embedded Letters - NEW!Oct 7, 2023Sat$60

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Course NameTypeFee
Donation to Chester County Night SchoolDonation$5

These courses may be offered at a future date. Click the course Title link for more information.

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