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Owen J. Roberts Classes

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
N15SDA061Tap Dancing for Adults, BeginnerMar 10, 2015Tue$70
N15SDA063Tap Dancing for Adults, Beyond BeginnerMar 10, 2015Tue$70
N15SDA065Ballet for AdultsMar 10, 2015Tue$70
N15SDA040Dancing: Ballroom, Basic--Location ChangeMar 10, 2015Tue$50
N15SDA030Dancing: Country/Western Line--Location ChangeMar 10, 2015Tue$50
N15SPI1055How to Develop Your Sixth SenseMar 24, 2015Tue$80
N15SFH083Gluten-Free LivingApr 22, 2015Wed$29
N15SFH008Yoga for Beginners -- Spring CityMar 16, 2015Mon$60
N15SFH010Yoga, Intermediate -- Spring CityMar 16, 2015Mon$60
N15SFH032Tai Chi for AdultsMar 12, 2015Thu$65
N15SSP1362Fly-Fishing 101Mar 24, 2015Tue$92
N15SFH030Reiki I CertificationApr 7, 2015Tue$80
N15SAM073Getting Paid to Talk: Intro to Voice ActingMar 25, 2015Wed$50
N15SAM060Guitar for Beginners(Closed)*Mar 10, 2015Tue$95
N15SCR002ACrochet for BeginnersMar 11, 2015Wed$85
N15SLW009French for BeginnersMar 11, 2015Wed$95
N15SPI091History of Chester County: From Revolution to Civil War(Closed)*Mar 10, 2015Tue$69
N15SPI042Elder Law IssuesApr 8, 2015Wed$20
N15SPI044Beyond the Simple WillApr 22, 2015Wed$20
N15SFH070Best Ways to Manage Stress(Closed)*Mar 11, 2015Wed$60
N15SFH072Best Ways to Lose WeightMar 10, 2015Tue$60
N15SBU034What is Your Social Security Strategy?(Closed)*Mar 17, 2015Tue$10
N15SBU034BWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Apr 29, 2015Wed$10
N15SHG014Be Bold & Get it SOLD! Home Staging WorkshopApr 15, 2015Wed$25
N15SAM001Beginner Acrylic Painting – Unleash Your Talent!Mar 10, 2015Tue$135
N15SCR068Digital Photography, Beginning(Closed)*Mar 10, 2015Tue$90
N15SCR068ADigital Photography, Beginning(Closed)*Mar 11, 2015Wed$90
N15SCR070Digital Photography, Intermediate(Closed)*Apr 7, 2015Tue$120
N15SCR070ADigital Photography, Intermediate(Closed)*Apr 8, 2015Wed$120
N15SLW015German I: Language and CultureMar 11, 2015Wed$80
N15SLW016German II: Beyond BeginnerMar 10, 2015Tue$80
N15SLW010Italian I at OJRMar 11, 2015Wed$125
N15SCR080The Joys of BirdingApr 8, 2015Wed$65
N15SBU032Complete Financial Management WorkshopMar 10, 2015Tue$60
N15SFH023Gentle Yoga, Stretch & MeditationMar 12, 2015Thu$80
N15SFH006Yoga/Pilates FusionMar 12, 2015Thu$80
N15SFH022Power Tone & TightenMar 11, 2015Wed$65
N15SFH020Gentle "Boot Camp" WorkoutMar 9, 2015Mon$35
N15SFH021Yoga/BarreApr 13, 2015Mon$35
N15SBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessMar 25, 2015Wed$20
N15SBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaApr 29, 2015Wed$20
N15SCO002Computer Friendly -- Learn the Basics!(Closed)*Mar 11, 2015Wed$175
N15SCO003Beyond Computer FriendlyApr 7, 2015Tue$75
N15SCO004Overview of Microsoft WordMar 10, 2015Tue$95
N15SCR005Memory Wire JewelryMar 17, 2015Tue$20
N15SCR006Vintage Style EarringsApr 21, 2015Tue$20
N15SCR007Prayer BeadsApr 7, 2015Tue$20
N15SLW025The Practice of Memoir WritingMar 11, 2015Wed$85
N15SPI067Ghost Investigation and LightworkMar 10, 2015Tue$65
N15SPI073Animal Communication: Talk to the Animals(Closed)*Mar 11, 2015Wed$50
N15SPI073AAnimal Communication: Talk to the AnimalsApr 15, 2015Wed$50

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