Chester County Night School

Owen J. Roberts Classes

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
N15FBU225CWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Oct 13, 2015Tue$10
N15FBU225FWhat is Your Social Security Strategy?Nov 4, 2015Wed$10
N15FBU032Complete Financial Management WorkshopOct 6, 2015Tue$60
N15FFH030Reiki I CertificationOct 20, 2015Tue$80
N15FPI044Beyond the Simple WillOct 20, 2015Tue$20
N15FCR080The Joys of BirdingSep 30, 2015Wed$65
N15FBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessOct 28, 2015Wed$20
N15FCO002Computer Friendly -- Learn the Basics!Sep 30, 2015Wed$175
N15FCO003Computer Friendly Part II -- Troubleshooting and ShortcutsOct 6, 2015Tue$95
N15FCR070Digital Photography, IntermediateOct 13, 2015Tue$120
N15FCR070ADigital Photography, IntermediateOct 14, 2015Wed$120
N15FPI070Discover Your Psychic Ability(Closed)*Sep 30, 2015Wed$80

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