Chester County Night School

Owen J. Roberts School Location

Currently Scheduled

Course #Course NameBeginsDayFee
18FBU040Ask the Lawyer: Starting and Operating Your Own BusinessSep 25, 2018Tue$15
18FBU008Ask the Lawyer: Buying & Selling Real Estate in PennsylvaniaOct 30, 2018Tue$15
18FFH070Best Ways to Manage StressSep 18, 2018Tue$60
18FSC1099Ghosts, Legends, and Lore of Southeastern PennsylvaniaOct 16, 2018Tue$29
18MCR020Goat Milk Soap MakingJun 6, 2018Wed$52
18MCR020AGoat Milk Soap MakingJul 17, 2018Tue$52
18FFH700Yoga BasicsSep 18, 2018Tue$90
18MFH701Yoga FundamentalsJun 18, 2018Mon$110
18MFH702Yoga FundamentalsJun 20, 2018Wed$90

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